Steinlager Pure contains No Additives and No Preservatives. Just Water, Barley, Hops and Yeast - all sourced from New Zealand. Steinlager Pure uses a selection of New Zealand's finest hops, including a new variety called Pacific Jade specially commissioned by Steinlager. Pacific Jade delivers a smooth, refreshing flavour designed to appeal to a new generation of premium beer drinkers.


·         Date of launch in New Zealand: 2007

·         Style     : Lager

·         ABV     : 5%

·         Standard Drinks (per 330mL) : 1.3

·         Energy (kJ/100mL)   : 168

·         Calories (/100mL)   : 40

·         Protein (g/100mL)   : 0.3

·         Total Fat (g/100mL)  : <0.1

·         Saturated Fat (g/100mL)  : <0.1

·         Total carbs (g/100mL)  : 2.6

·         Sugars (g/100mL)   : 0.2

·         Sodium (mg/100mL)  : 2

KEEP IT PURE                                                                                          

Steinlager has an uncompromising approach to making the best beer in the world. We have created a premium beer, using only pure ingredients sourced from the best place in the world. Anything that doesn’t make a great beer is excluded.

This mindset is taken right through to the packaging. The emerald-green bottle and rondel label are part of the premium beer heritage, but heritage isn’t a good enough reason to keep them. We’ve stripped everything back to only the essentials, as we did with the beer itself. Steinlager has a mantra, ‘Keep it pure’, which upholds the fierce belief that when brewing a beer you have to stick to your principles if you want to achieve great results.

You need to be single minded and not be weakened by compromise. We reached for the best and we achieved it. This belief extends to Steinlager’s view of the world – pure things must be kept pure.

If you have a dream or a vision, compromises will destroy it.

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