Southern Style Whiskey with Honey

Southern Style Whiskey with Honey

Made by two Kiwi blokes in Northland, Aotearoa.

Having fallen on tough times “Moonshiner Toms” was left with no choice but to develop his own whiskey in the back blocks of Matakana. “Southern Style Whiskey with Honey” harks back to the original recipe but with the addition of a wee dollop of unadulterated Waitemata Honey.

Manuka Ti Tree aged, Southern Style Whiskey with Honey is smooth and has a touch of sweetness. Our very pure, crisp, clean, triple-distilled spirit is blended with some of the World’s highest quality mineral water from Kaiwaka and crafted with Manuka into this quintessentially South Pacific Southern Style Whiskey. As the natural properties of our honey are not altered in any way, a slight sediment or cloudiness is normal. Shaken or not you’ll get the same uniquely Kiwi woody notes, with a hint of nectar.

    Chosen as Premium, top shelf pours in some of New Zealand’s most prestigious bars and restaurants; it’s perfect with a dry ginger ale, lemonade, cola, or your favourite          mixer. Brilliant in cocktails, and on the rocks, it rocks!

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