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Waimea Trev's Red

Waimea Trev's Red

Waimea Estate Limited

  • RM103.00

This wine has layers and interest we attribute to the co-fermentation of these three varieties. The Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and Viognier combination has aromas of violets, black doris plums and a hint of white pepper attributed to the Syrah. Dusty chocolate tannins in the wine coat your mouth- and the dark fruit notes see on the nose are very much perceived on the palate too. The finish is accentuated by the lingering tannins a juicy acidity and oak derived spice. Immensely quaffable this is an excellent ‘go-to’ red for every household and gathering of friends. Easy to partner with food; try with venison, duck
and New Zealand mutton dishes.

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